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21 Aug 2013 RB750 Default IP address from LAN is In case you wish to boot the device from network, for example to use MikroTik Netinstall, hold the RESET button of the device ranty and repair issues, the following instructions apply ONLY if you purchased your equipment directly from MikroTik.
RB750GL. The RB750GL is a small SOHO router in a white plastic case. It has five independent Gigabit Ethernet ports and optional switch chip functionality for wire speed Gigabit throughput. It's probably the most affordable MPLS capable Gigabit router on the market and now it is even more affordable than before.
RB951-2n. The RB951-2n is the home wireless AP you have been waiting for! It is small and compact, has five Ethernet ports and a 802.11b/g/n wireless AP with an antenna built in. This model is much smaller than the more powerful RB751U-2HnD model, the RB951-2n looks exactly like our popular RB750 series.
RouterBOARD, RouterOS, RouterBOOT and MikroTik are trademarks of MikroTikls SIA. RMA Instructions are located on our webpage here: Manual. This manual is provided “as is” without a warranty of any kind, expressed or .. RB750GL: Five 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet ports with Auto-MDI/X.
More info. Design Files DXF-PDF · Block Diagram · User Guide · STEP file for CAD; High-res image: [1] [2] · Send purchase questions · RouterOS software manual; Declaration of conformity (CE)
27 Sep 2016 It is suggested to always keep your RouterOS installation up to date, MikroTik always keeps adding new functionality and improving performance and stability by releasing updates. RouterOS versions are numbered sequentially, when a period is used to separate sequences, it does not represent a decimal
RB750G. The RB750G is a small SOHO router in a nice plastic case. It has five independent Gigabit ethernet ports and optional Switch Chip functionality for wire speed Gigabit throughput. It's probably the most affordable MPLS capable router on the market. With compact design and clean looks, it will fit perfectly into any
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14 Aug 2017 Overview. All RouterBOARDs from factory come with default configuration. There are several different configurations depending on board type: CPE Router;; LTE CPE AP router;; AP Router (single or dual band);; PTP Bridge (AP or CPE);; WISP Bridge (AP in ap_bridge mode);; Switch;; CAP;; IP Only.
The solution for me on the RB750 was to hold in the reset button while cycling the power. User manual has that information written in it. Hi every one. I am new on Mikrotik. I bought RB 750G. I have the same reset switch as you had. When I hold down The reset button by Screwdriver, Nothing happened.