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In addition to the specific applicable standards, ARTECHE auxiliary times below 10 ms, depending on the model, and possibility of manual reset. .. VDF-10. VDJ-30. Applications. Trip circuit supervision for single-phase circuit breakers. Trip circuit supervision for three-phase circuit breakers. Construction characteristics.
Ademas, la presencia mundial del Grupo ARTECHE asegura un servicio optimo. Moreover, the worldwide presence of the ARTECHE Group assures . VDF-10. 1. 5. 6. 10. FU ALIMENTACION. TRIP SUPPLY. 12. 8. FU. Reles Temporizados. Time-Lag Relays. 7. TF-2. TF-2FT. TDF-22. TDF-4. TJ-8. TJ-44. [ ]. 2. 2. 4. 4. 8. 8.
Circuit Breaker Supervision Relay. VDF-10 / VDJ-30. User's Handbook (General Model) this document is subject to change without notice and should not be considered as a commitment by ARTECHE. . This manual is intended to help users to operate the VDF-10 OP and VDJ-30 OP relays which supervise the breaker's
Breaking capacity. › Pick-up voltage/release voltage-temperature charts. › Model selection. › Dimensions and panel mounting cut-off. 4. 5. 6. 7. 10. 11. 13. 14. 15. RELATED PLUGGED RELAY. E0. Universal (D and F sized sockets require 2 units ; J sized sockets require 4 units). RD; RF; RJ;. TDF; TDJ;. VDF OP;. VDJ OP.
USER MANUAL. 651601437-MU BASES-. V03-english. 3. 3.1. - OP sockets with front screw or faston connections (IP 20). RD OP. DD-10 OP. RF OP. TDF OP. VDF10 OP. BF. RJ OP. TDJ OP. VDJ30 OP. RJS4 OP. BJ. BASE/. SOCKET. DIMENSIONES/. DIMENSIONS. CONEXIONES INTERNAS/. INTERNAL CONNECTIONS.
The design of the ARTECHE relays has no consumption in permanence, and prevents both coils from being energized simultaneously. This range includes relays with 3, 4 and 8 contacts, with operating times below 10 ms, depending on the model, and possibility of manual reset. The position change is made with 2 sets of
9 Aug 2016 authorization of ARTECHE is strictly prohibited. The information in .. Sockets and accessories for auxiliary relays | User manual. 10. 3.4. OP socket with rear screw connections or faston connections. (IP10). BASE .. RD, RF and RJ, time-lag relays TDF and TDJ, trip circuit supervision relays VDF and VDJ).
The VDF-10 relay is designed for the supervision of the trip circuit of a circuit breaker with one trip coil.
rele ARTECHE permite que no tenga consumo en permanencia y que no se puedan excitar ambas bobinas simultaneamente. Esta gama consta de reles de 4 y 8 contactos con tiempos de operacion inferiores a 8 ms. o a 10 ms. segun modelo, y con posibilidad de reset manual. Trip and lockout relays. Trip relays with 2
EN and IEEE standards. The relay is CE marked. The supervision current is always less than. 1,4mA thus avoiding unwanted operation of the trip coil. Correct operation is shown via a green LED. DESCRIPTION VDF-10. •Standard voltages and consumption: •Drop-out time: between 200 ms and 400 ms.