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17 Mar 2016 Tape up like the pros Firstaid4sport show you how the pros tape up a sports injury and stay in the game with this comprehensive Taping Guide.
19 Nov 2013
19 Nov 2013
Welcome to the new and improved 2016 Firstaid4sport Taping Guide 2.0. Here you will find videos and step by step guides to some fundamental sports taping.
J Taping over the knee, used to protect the ACL ligament in the knee midway through rehabilitation and to prevent injury of it from reoccurring.
Visit . Firstaid4sport .. All the videos from our brilliant Taping Guide app - available with detailed step by step instructions on Android
Simply select the area of the body, then select the taping method to view a how-to guide and a video performed and narrated by Chris Swallow, sports therapist
Leg Taping Guide. These sports taping techniques will show how to relieve pain and offer support for injuries to the hip, glutes, hamstrings and calf.
Patella Taping Using: 3.8cm |Zinc Oxide Tape//CSTRAPING270| 5cm Fixing Tape Used for patella tendon pain such as jumpers knee, Osgood Schlatters.
18 Mar 2016 The most comprehensive FREE kinesiology taping guide. Firstaid4sport and Rocktape bring you THE comprehensive guide to Kinesiology